Giant Tomatoes

These three will likely be my largest tomatoes of the season. Because I know how much Grampa Dannals loves measurements, I even pulled out kitchen the scale and weighed them.  The pink one, "Stump of the World" is 1lb, 8 oz, the red, "Ernesto" and black, "Cherokee purple" are both 1lb, 2 oz.  I've made a batch of freezer sauce and will probably can some tomato puree this week. I've also dried a few pans of cherry tomatoes in the oven. As if we weren't busy enough, Dylan and I had a blast picking almost 12 lbs of blueberries over the weekend and the garden keeps pumping out veggies. 

I bought a big glass cookie jar to make fermented dill pickles. The cucumber vines in the back yard seem to have escaped the notice of the cucumber beetles and are really doing well. Once these go in the fridge they will be good for 4-6 months if we don't eat them first.

My front flower garden is looking great.  The sunflowers are attracting goldfinches and a lot of the plants I started from seed are finally blooming. I'm starting to shop for bulbs for the fall. I may add some crocus, daffodil, and bright red tulips to the already established grape hyacinth. We'll see what my landlord and upstairs neighbor are interested in "sponsoring." I really can't complain, they are very supportive of my gardening efforts.

Below: Dylan and Henry relax at the community garden while I pick tomatoes. Henry loves to sit on picnic tables.

I don't have any decent pictures, but we are finally getting hummingbirds at the back porch feeder and for the past two nights we've seen an Eastern Screech owl hunting in the backyard at dusk. I love that we still see wild creatures while living in the city.