Giants among us

Dylan and I have always been a little dog crazy.  Shortly after we met, Dylan invited me to hang out with a golden retriever he was dog sitting, not as a romantic date-thing but as a new friend who also loved dogs.  We are guilty of "dog-stalking" which means being way too interested in our neighbors' dogs or dogs we see being walked.  If a dog is wandering by the road, we stop and try to get it back to the owner.  We were looking into adopting a dog when our cat, Valerie, became sick and we decided to let her live out her days as "Queen of the Castle".  But the time has come and we have adopted a dog!

Meet Henry!

Henry is 2-3 years old and probably a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees, maybe with some retriever thrown in. He was surrendered by someone in Kentucky who couldn't take care of him.  He's a big guy and needs to gain a little weight. Henry is in good health and is very polite and gentle. So far he has been good about going to the door when he needs to go out and do his business. In between being petted he likes to sleep.  He may be a bit bigger than we had planned but his personality makes up for it.  

We met Henry by accident.  We were at a doggie daycare in Baltimore to meet a different dog (who was great but not the one for us). We arrived early and noticed this big white dog sleeping in the entryway.  We assumed he was the owner's dog because he was so wonderful, but it turned out that he was a foster dog from the same rescue organization, Dogs XL.  He normally lives at a foster mom's house but she was without power from the recent storms.  So, we adopted him.  I promise this will not turn into the "my dog is amazing" blog, but there will probably be quite a few posts about his adventures.

The other giant in the house

On Friday morning I picked the center and lower right tomatoes.  The color was starting to turn and the center tomato threatened to break the main stem.  I traded the right tomato for a 6 cubanelle and green peppers and a bunch of cilantro.  I have named the center tomato "The Widowmaker" and it continues to ripen in a paper sack on my counter.  It weighs almost 1.5 lbs. 

I really thought this was the Giant Yellow Oxheart because of the size, shape, and the yellow color with purplish shoulders.  Then this morning the pink appeared.

So maybe this is the Pink Honey tomato?  They are supposed to be a large, early, oxheart. We shall see and then we will eat.