Get Growing! Winter Vacation

The students have the week off but I have been pretty busy catching up on my own projects and "seed sitting" the bean baggies from Lesson 2: Legumes. After our polar vortex passed I taped the bags to my kitchen window so the sprouts could get some sun. I think the kids will be pretty excited to see the growth on their peas, beans, and favas next week.

With older students, I'd suggest graphing the progress, but especially with the vacation week in the middle, we'll stick to making observations.

I noticed that the pea germination has been a little sparse. Those seeds were a few seasons old. When I plant the rest of the packet this year, I'll double the peas up to avoid big gaps in the row. It is easier to thin a few than add some in to fill the holes.

I also noticed that some bags have more interesting mold than others. Bacteria, fungus, etc, can be a natural part of seed germination, but I do wonder if when the kids folded their paper towels there was some transfer of bacteria from their hands. That might make a fun project at some point - seeing what grows after putting our hands on a wet paper towel? Might be a good lesson about responsible hand washing.

A few weeks ago I planted the extra narcissus bulbs from Lesson 1: Root Vegetables and have kept them on the kitchen table. They only get about 2 hours of strong sun through the window but have started pushing up flower buds anyway.