Get Growing! Lesson 9

We had a gorgeous warm day for class and we spent most of our time out in the school garden. First we checked for pea sprouts but all we found were weeds. I guess there hasn't been enough rain and warm weather - pretty disappointing. Next week we may need to dig up a few pea seeds and see what's been going on down there.

Next everyone potted up a pansy plant to take home. I brought the potting soil bin out to the garden so we wouldn't have to be as worried about making a mess. Thankfully most of the students have gotten over being grossed out by the biodegradable pots made from manure.

Then the class did some more work clearing and weeding the beds and collecting trash. By next week we will be ready to plant some more cold tolerant vegetable seeds like radish, arugula, spinach, fava beans, or kale. I think we will also transplant out some sage, chives, and oregano.