Get Growing! Lesson 7

Planting Peas

The class has been itching to get out to the school garden and the weather finally cooperated yesterday. Everyone was already a little jazzed up from the St. Patrick's Day activities - visiting Leprechauns, green cupcakes, "gold" coins, etc - so I was too busy with crowd control to take many pictures.

We reviewed our garden rules and safety tips before heading out to the garden. First we pulled old morning glory vines from the fence, taking note of the seed pods. We identified the plants we wanted to keep - lamb's ear, yarrow, salvia, butterfly bush, and a few others. Then everyone pitched in clearing weeds, trash, and turning over the soil. Every earthworm, potato bug, and caterpillar was announced and examined with great excitement.

We planted sugar snap peas under two teepees made from garden stakes. As the seeds went in the ground, the rain started and we hustled back inside. We finished up class with a few rounds of the "Bee game", in which a student/bee must find a hidden object by listening to the buzzing of the fellow students/bees. It is a lot like "Hot and Cold" but with buzzing. Everyone got some sugar snap peas and instructions to take home.