Get Growing! Lesson 6

Rainy Day Seed Sowing

The weather didn't cooperate with my plan to go out to the school garden, but we still had a good time. We started off by sharing the different ways we used the herb bouquets everyone took home last week. Then we planted some basil in biodegradable "CowPots". We had a lively discussion about how cow manure can be recycled into a pot. Don't worry, they just smell like dirt/cardboard and can be planted directly in a bigger pot or in the ground when it warms up.

Basil needs a warm sunny spot and regular watering. I suggest covering the pot with a bit of plastic to keep things moist between waterings - but only until you see leaves. Sprouting should happen in a few days. Basil is not designed to live forever, after a few months, harvest the seeds and start some fresh plants.

In preparation for going out to the school garden next week, we had a thoughtful discussion about how we want to behave. The class made some great suggestions for rules and consequences.

For our final activity, we each decorated a garden stake for the school garden. I'll use a clear spray so they hold up longer outdoors and we can place them next week.