Get Growing! Lesson 2

Legumes: Seeds that grow in Pods

Today we learned about all kinds of legumes, from peas to beans and lentils to limas. While waiting for everyone to arrive at class, we sorted beans and made designs with them.

Activity 1: Bean Book - Fresh Beans

We opened the pods, drew, and labeled the pod and seed parts of sugar snap peas, Kentucky wonder beans, and black eyed peas. We observed how many seeds were in each pod and the different sizes and smells. Everyone seemed to enjoy this and we spent more time on it than I planned, so we'll probably catch up on a few legume activities next week.

Activity 2: Experiment - Sprouting Bags

We put peas, favas, and yellow-eyed beans in plastic sandwich bags with damp paper towels. I'll take these home, keep them in a warm place, and bring them back next week so we can make more observations in our Bean Books. (I'm keeping the Bean Books too so no one forgets them at home)

Song: “Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley”
Book: “Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt” by Kate Messner