Even with the cool wet weather recently the garden is coming along pretty well.  My second attempt at bush beans is slowly starting to come up and I planted another plot of beans yesterday.  The onions look happy, the snow peas are doing well (except for the ones a mouse ate) and the lettuce is hanging in there.  The butter head lettuce I bought is establishing itself nicely and my from-seed lettuce is beautiful, but would only be really useful if I was making dollhouse salads.  Here are some pictures with my thumb for scale.

Some Miniature Black Seeded Simpson

Lilliputian Red Romaine, or maybe Tiny Red Sails?

And the biggest disappointments have been the spinach and corn salad.  The corn salad has not really grown at all and the spinach has started to bloom. I will have to try again in the fall. I'm sure it doesn't help that my soil is basically clay with sticks and rocks.

I should probably just put the spinach out of its misery but I'd need tweezers.

Supposedly May 1 is our "frost date" but I'm going to wait until next week to transplant my tomatoes out to the garden plot. The patio herbs are going crazy and I need some good uses for dill before it takes over.  I made some fridge pickles lasts week but all I can think of now is less healthy uses like "mix with sour cream on potato pancakes."  Email suggestions welcomed.