Garden Shade Hut

Yesterday I built a little shaded area to sit in the garden plot with the help of brother-in-law Jake. (Jake and Heather are on the waitlist for their own plot and I am enjoying their help in mine) I considered something fancier like pergola but fell in love with the more natural look of a twig arbor. I'm also really cheap and the wood for this hut was free.

We dug the posts in about 10 inches and fastened the important joints with wire. Most of the wood is from a stand of lilac that fell in our last storm.

We put some cardboard under the brick patio to slow down the weeds. I'll add twigs to the arbor to increase the shade coverage.

I also planted my replacement blackberry bushes - "Chester" is a thornless, floricane fruiting variety that I ordered from Nourse Farms. They look good.