Garden Treasures

This has been a really good year for finding bits of glass and pottery in my flower garden and back yard. Maybe I've just been looking harder, but all sorts of fun things have been pushed up by the freezing and thawing ground. Henry has also helped reveal some items by digging up the beds. For now I'm collecting them in the path of the flower garden along with nice pebbles and bits of sea glass.

If you have to regularly walk your yard collecting broken glass, you might as well make it fun. Note: this is not new broken glass, just 100 years of previous inhabitant's garbage. We are not chucking beer bottles off the porch every evening.

Most of the colorful pieces I find are about dime sized. I like guessing what they might have been.

I did some actual gardening out at the plot today but my phone ran out of batteries shortly after I planted the peas, so there's just this one picture. The pea trellis is back for a third season and this year I am mulching the area between the rows of peas that is always hard to weed.