I am proud to report that the rabbits have not breached the wall around my fall seedlings.  Dylan was pretty skeptical and I think the success is largely due to availability of unprotected food on other plots.  My last cantaloupe was not so lucky.

As of last week, the community garden had donated over 700 lbs of fresh organic produce to the county food bank.  We've eaten or preserved almost everything from my plots, but I've helped weed and harvest the Food Bank plot.  That's 700lbs grown on a 40 x 25 ft plot, plus surplus harvest from other plots.  Gardens initiatives like this seem like such a low cost, local way of addressing food insecurity and enriching the offerings at food banks and soup kitchens - why aren't there more?

Anyway, Butterfly pictures!

These two beauties are frolicking on a pile of dog poop (not Henry's - we scoop)

We've also noticed a lot of fall fungus on our walks.