It is too hot at the garden for Henry and I worry that he might mark the plots, so I'm still gardening solo.  We are really hoping for some rain this evening - I'd rather weed for hours than drag that darn hose around. (Hell's Half Plot is really far from any of the water spigots). Even with the heat and dry weather things are doing well and I am challenged to find uses for all the produce.

Tomatillos! These have taken off and seem to thrive on neglect.  There will be green salsa in our future.

This little cantaloupe is the size of a small grapefruit.

After a rough start the peppers are making a come-back.

The voles and rabbits haven't bothered my Christmas Lima pole-beans, but they decimated my golden string beans (below).

I filled my little harvesting cooler today with onions, tomatoes, Anaheim and Padron peppers, green beans, and basil.

Henry is kind of bored with tomato modeling but he did take time out of his busy sleeping schedule to pose for this one.