Fuller Botanical Gardens - North Hampton, NH

After a very busy August, Dylan surprised me with a little solo getaway to a B&B in Rye, New Hampshire. I had a lovely time knitting, reading, exploring the area, eating lobster, and catching up on sleep. Of course I also found a garden to visit.

The Fuller Botanical Gardens are tucked in between some big historic seaside estates. The main attraction is probably the rose collection, but I also really enjoyed the greenhouse. The peach colored rose at the top is called "Lady of Shallot"—some day this may be my first rose bush.

Fuller Botanical Gardens

The zinnias outside the greenhouse remind me that I want to freshen up the gene pool on my saved seeds by buying seeds for some big red zinnias next year. Inside was a wonderland of tropicals, ferns, cacti, and succulents.

Of course I had to eat some lobster. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the $5 cold lobster roll at Justin's Seafood hut on the highway and the richness of the hot lobster roll and clam chowder with "fluff" (more hot lobster) at the more scenic Rye Harbor Lobster Pound. A cold roll is lobster with a light mayo dressing, hot is dressed with butter and little white wine. Just try both.