Frosty Vegetables

I went out to the garden today with a big bag of leaves to add to my compost pile and plans to turn over some more of the beds.  Surprise! the ground is frozen.  Some plants are still hanging in there, but nothing was ready to harvest.  Next year I need to start the fall brassicas a week or two earlier but it is so hard to find the time for that at the end of July.

Below: baby spinach under row cover

Above: Thumb Sized frosty broccoli

Below: the plot is looking pretty bare

How am I keeping busy?  My first seed order arrived a few days ago from The Sample Seed Shop and I have a few other seed catalogues to study.  The quilt top has been stabilized on an old bed sheet, hand washed, sun dried, and I'm in the process of quilting it. Nothing fancy, just straight lines on the machine but I think it will make a lovely wall hanging when I'm done.  I believe it was pieced by Pa's mother and the cream squares are cut from sugar or flour sacks, but I am not sure.  I'll post more pictures of the finished project.