Found objects

I find a lot of strange things on the road when I'm walking Henry.  I've seen all manner of shoes, a set of "cutlets" (removable fake boobs), an empty dog's marrow bone that Henry thought someone left just for him, but the latest find is definitely the most fascinating.  Henry and I were headed out when we were passed by a car coming from the direction of the county courthouse.  As they rounded the curve they threw a handful of paper out the window.  Turns out it was torn photographs.

The pictures quickly scattered, but Dylan and I picked up a few. None of them looked more recent than the eighties and some were pretty old. The black and white baby picture caught my eye especially.

What happened to David and Diane?  Was is simply a sad case of love lost or was one of them an axe-murderer?  I've been speculating for a few days, but I think I might need to get over my morbid curiosity and get these out of the house to avoid the bad luck.