Food Preservation Friday

In honor of the first frosty morning of Fall I headed out to pick some apples.  On the way to the farm I stopped at a coffee shop (owned by great folks from Pearland, TX) to fuel my efforts with some sausage/cheese/jalapeño kolaches and two shots of espresso with a dash of foam. It was big sky weather - Good Stuff.

I started off with the Stayman Winesaps for baking and canning, then moved on to the Sun Crisps and Braeburns for fresh eating.  

Then I noticed the tomato field and realized that these might be THE LAST FRESH TOMATOES I'll get until June 2013.  This was seriously troubling and I probably went overboard, picking almost 15 lbs. I'll let them ripen a day or two in a paper bag.  

Before starting the apples I blanched and froze a sack of kale. Then I settled in to peel and chop a few pounds of apples and catch up on General Hospital. I hope the canned apples will be useful for quick crisp and cobbler filling in the winter.