Flynn Garden Tour 2017 in Burlington, VT

I went up to Vermont again this year for the Flynn Garden Tour. Every year the tour chooses a different area. The 2017 tour was based in Burlington, so the gardens were a bit smaller but very exciting to see what people do in an urban environment more similar to my own.

I love wild groupings of colorful perennials and strange garden art.

When your Henry Lauder's walking stick (contorted filbert) kicks the bucket, make art!

This stick gate is beautiful but won't keep the rabbits out. I think a few layers of hardware cloth would spoil the look.

Someday I need a Dawn Redwood. I saw a few of these in the gardens and the texture is so amazing, you end up petting it. They were all pretty small, not the giant California type.

The gardens on the tour featured a lot of stone work and terracing to make the most out of steep inclines.

This garden was right at the edge of an old stone quarry and you could climb to the top of the wall for a view of the whole property.

After the tour, my friend, Kathryn, and I went to the big annual clearance at Claussen's, the local nursery. It was a great deal - as much as you can cram on a two tiered nursery cart for $50! We shared a cart and I got all sorts of fun things. I've been busy potting up all week.

Kathryn's garden in Fairfax, VT

2016 Flynn Garden Tour