The power's still out so we're camped at Dylan's office.  We have comfy sofas, a good supply of library books, a gourmet kitchen, internet, and knitting (for me), so things are pretty good.  Ok, attempting to sleep in our 90 degree apartment last night without fans was not the highlight of my weekend, but it could be worse. Because the windows were open we got to hear the Barred Owl hooting all night and I saw a Baltimore Oriole this morning from the porch.  It is too hot to safely do any gardening so I'm posting some flower pics that didn't make it onto the blog previously. Most are plants that we usually don't associate with flowers because we use them at an earlier stage.

One of my neighbor gardeners has a great looking plot and really knows her stuff.  When I asked about the flower above, she immediately responded, (in Russian accent) "is weed." Well, then she explained that is was probably a blooming wild carrot or possibly Queen Ann's Lace. I haven't pulled it up yet because it is pretty but I hope to catch it before the seeds get blown across my plot.

Below: Marjoram and Cilantro  - surprisingly pretty when bolting in the heat.

Below: Blooming Dill

I plan to save some seeds from this cinnamon basil. 

The picture below shows my pollinator border at the plot: Salvia, Marigold, Yarrow, Sage, Basil, and some giant Dill. Behind it you can see a neighbor's tomato jumble, aka "Vole Shangri La."