Flower Show

On Friday night Dylan took me to the Boston Flower and Garden Show.  It was a fun way to see and smell some blooming things when temps are still in the twenties. Afterwards we walked down to the Harpoon Brewery for a few pints and pretzels.  Below: Horticulture clubs and garden design companies created lavish displays with water features, garden furniture, and lighting.

Most of the vendors were selling bulbs, houseplants, tools, or random stuff, but I found these beautiful seed packs from the Hudson Valley Seed Library.  They are designed to unfold so you can enjoy the art as well as grow the seeds. Can you have too many seeds?

I finally hunted down some seville oranges (naranja agria) at the big Italian produce market and made a batch of real bitter marmalade.  So far it is pretty runny but I've read that it can take a few weeks for marmalade to fully set.  The flavor is just what I wanted but next time I'll add more peel and slice it bigger.

Above: Canned goods at work - the 1/2 pint  jars of "pizza sauce" (tomato blended with pinch of herbs, garlic, and salt) are very handy, definitely worth doing again this summer. Dylan made the gorgeous calzones.

Henry begs to lay outside in the sun.  It may be 18 degrees but his thick fur is warm to the touch.  Which means I'll probably be sweeping up baskets of the stuff in a few months when he blows his winter coat.