Flower garden

I am so thrilled with the bulbs in the front yard.  Soon the daffodils and tulip should be up as well.  Most of my perennials are coming back, even some I forgotten about like bleeding hearts, columbine, and the tiny peony I got a at swap.  I've transplanted some snaps, coreopsis, penstemon, and poppy seedlings and sprinkled a bunch of older seeds to see what takes.  This will be a good year for flowers!

Below: Henry poses with a neighbor's crocuses.  Doesn't he look clean?  It was finally warm enough for a full bath with the hose this weekend.  Henry hates water and whined and howled like a giant baby.

The vegetable garden is getting a late start this year.  Our first priority is to install a proper fence and raised bed frames.  The new plot is a bit smaller than the old one at 18 x 27, so we'll need to make good use of the space.  I want paths wide enough to bring a wheelbarrow inside and a place for sitting, maybe even big enough for Henry to lay. The winning plan is below:


The back of the plot (berries and asparagus bed) is higher than the front and will hopefully screen my view of the community compost bins a little. We also wanted to make the best usage of our lumber and minimize waste.  The beds will be 3 ft by 12 ft with 1.5 ft paths between.  Hopefully we can get a good bit done this weekend so I can get things planted.