First Lettuce: Brown Dutch

Pretty isn't it?  Soon the Black Seeded Simpson and Speckles will be ready as well.  This year I am really making an effort to sow a little lettuce every 2 weeks so that we can have it all summer, rather than 2 crazy weeks of nothing but salad.  I also pulled a radish and a few green onions.  The strawberries are not ready yet and the broccoli is getting big in the heat, but the cauliflower seems to have given up.  I'll try again in the fall.

The front yard looks great but my efforts to grow a wildflower meadow in the back have been foiled by "Henry the Destroyer."  The wildflowers were weak from lack of sun and couldn't stand up to those giant paws during play time.  On the other hand, we are so proud of Henry for learning to play with with balls and romp around like a real dog - something he didn't do when we first adopted him. Maybe next year we'll save up for sod or plugs.

A little excitement:  Yesterday the winds kicked up ahead of a big line of storms, ripped a big branch off a tree and tossed it into the house next door. Thankfully no one was hurt and even the cars parked on the street (mine included) escaped harm.  The whole neighborhood came out to supervise the firefighters, utility workers, tree guys, etc. Henry loved it.