First 80 degree day of 2015

We had our first 80 temperatures on Monday and my little red tulips finally opened. I've been carting jugs of water out to the garden all week but  since the water came on today I could plant the asparagus crowns. I amended the soil with compost and some decomposed straw, dug a trench, put each crown on a little mound, and gently spread the roots. Some crowns had already sprouted a little which was reassuring.  I won't harvest any spears this year and maybe just a sample next year to let the plants get established.  

The back patio is filling up with containers of plants.  Most of the perennial seeds I winter-sowed are coming up and I added a few trays of annuals; zinnia, globe amaranth, snap dragons, marigolds, and herbs.  I'll transplant them when they have a few leaves. I'm also preparing plant divisions to bring to various swaps - don't want to arrive empty-handed! So far I just have a bunch of chives, but who doesn't like chives?