Finished with Fruit

I don't have any pictures from my past week of extreme canning.  A few warm days meant that all the pears, peaches, and tomatoes ripened at once.  I canned like a crazy person, making caramel bosc pear jam, canned pear halves, vanilla bartlett jam, unsweetened bartlett pearsauce (like applesauce), tomato salsa, and peach salsa.  I got all of the fruit free through LURC but I will be giving a percentage of the product back to the tree owners.  The only things remaining to be canned this season are some more tomatoes and maybe some pickled jalapenos.  I think that's enough.  Ok, maybe I'll make some marmalade in December.

The garden is a little messy looking, but I'm still getting lots of green beans and peppers. The fall greens are sprouting: mache, spinach, kale, chard, arugula, radish, lettuce, cilantro

Below: Arugula is the first to pop up.

Henry is having a rough day. He's got a little indigestion and has been eating grass, so of course he's very worried about messing in the house.