Finally some May Flowers

The "Bowles Black" Viola is finally starting to bloom.  The seed packet said early spring blooms, so I expected them  to bloom in March or April - Silly Texan!  The color is really more of a deep purple but in the sun they look black.  I hope they self seed for next year.  The gardens are filling in, I've been hitting the plant swaps and garden club sales, and Mom and Dad took me plant shopping as an early birthday present.  Now I can replace the great swaths of catnip and oregano with a few more interesting plants.

Below: new plants - Blue-Eyed Grass and Liatris (not blooming yet)

Dylan is a really good sport and garden enabler.  Literally in the case pictured above because my arm was in a sling for the Arlington Garden Club plant sale. This weekend he went to the New England Plant Swap with me to help carry.  I got some great things and one or two invasive types that I've decided not to plant after further internet research. I've got enough trouble combatting the Virginia Creeper, I don't need to add Sweet Autumn Clematis to the mix!

I've still got a few tall sunflowers coming up, lots of volunteer snap dragons, and I snuck in a few pepper plants, basil, and a pigeon pea bush.  Of course, the edibles are in the back, out of the "Splash Zone". I'm gradually moving the rocks into the path to make a rock garden area for sedums and creeping thyme.