Fenway Victory Gardens

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Yes, that Fenway.  Dylan wanted to check out a guitar store and I took a little tour of the Fenway Victory Gardens across the street.  These gardens are often brought up as an example in our Belmont Victory Garden volunteer meetings so it was high time I checked them out.  If you need a little garden therapy during these arctic days, check out their website www.fenwayvictorygardens.com .  Though it was about 20 degrees, I really enjoyed my walk.  After the -2 degree weather this week, 20 feels pretty ok.

Above: See the hawk?

There are more than 500 plots, each approximately 15' by 25'.  Most of the Fenway area was reclaimed from a salt water marsh ("fen").  The marshy area that remains today was part of Frederick Law Olmstead's design for the park system known as Boston's "Emerald Necklace." The rushes are probably 12 feet tall and very dense.

Not a lot of veggies out there today, but plenty of fun garden art and a very interesting selection of small trees worked into the garden layouts.

They also have a great set of compost piles.