Fava Beans Are Up

The fava beans germinated really well despite the dry conditions and I am expecting a bumper crop.  The broccoli and broccoli raab are suffering from an infestation of flea beetles.  I may be shopping for some diatomaceous earth and beneficial nemetodes - whatever those are - to control the problem.  Flea beetles get their name because they jump away just as you try to squash them, just like normal fleas. Ick! Just seeing them makes my skin crawl.

The front garden is looking good. The azaleas seem to have enjoyed our arctic winter and most of my little started-from-seed perennials are poised to bloom this year.  The pink and lavender blooms are creeping phlox. I've been moving plants around to find their favorite spot and create clumps. Today I planted a few mystery dahlia bulbs that survived winter in our basement.  

below: Henry chases a squirrel up a tree on the dry shade "hill o'plant-death". Actually, it looks pretty good this year.  The free ferns and lily of the valley survived, the hostas and lamiums got bigger, and my tiny shrubs aren't dead yet. In the lower bed, past the plastic flamingo head you can see our new blueberry bushes.  

Birdwatching has been fabulous at Mt Auburn Cemetery lately (located literally down the street from our house).  On Monday I saw a few new life birds - Tennessee Warbler, Cape May Warbler, and Magnolia Warbler - but I only got a picture of this turkey.