Fall Veg

These days I'm harvesting a lot of herbs; the parsley and dill went into tabouleh salad and the arugula was tasty on pita pizzas.  The peppers are still producing and I think this year I finally succeeded in planting enough green onion.  We're getting a few tomatoes from the porch garden and if we didn't get a bad frost last night (cross your fingers) I think the lettuce and radishes will be ready for a fall salad.

Below:  Pita pizza with roasted tomato smear, green pepper, arugula, basil, mozzarella, and a dozen fresh peas. (I didn't want the chipmunks to get them, but the final verdict is that peas on pizza is a little weird)  Next time, more arugula! That stuff is tasty and so easy to grow.

I pulled the Kinnearly Yellow Eye Beans.  Most of the leaves had already fallen off and I was worried that with all the cold, wet weather the beans would never dry. Now the plants (beans attached) are hanging on the porch in a mesh laundry bag.  Who knows what the neighbors think I'm doing!  The goal is just to get enough beans to judge whether or not to grow them again next year.

A neighbor down the street thinks it is going to be an extra horrible winter because the acorns are dropping, another neighbor pointed out that acorns drop every year. We'll see who is right.

Below: Mushrooms enjoying the cool damp weather