Fall Planting

The morning glories above aren't mine, but they were too pretty to pass up.  Today I blew off some post-audition steam by digging up another bed and planting it with winter pea.  Winter pea is supposed to be a beneficial cover crop that isn't too hard to till under in the spring.  I had some cilantro seeds stuck to a dead plant and I shook those in there as well. 

I'm gradually shifting the beds and paths. Next year the paths will be a little wider, allowing Dylan to help more, and the beds will be a little narrower so I can actually reach the middle.  We're keeping an eye out on craigslist and garbage days for free lumber to frame the beds.  I also want to make more use out of the sunniest areas of the plot and put a bench and tool box in the shady corner.

Below: Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cabbage, and Lettuce wilting in the midday heat

Below that: the beet patch

The backyard tomatoes just keep going and they make a nice edible privacy screen for the porch.  This morning I roasted up two pans of tomatoes and stuck them under the broiler to get a little "char" on the skins.  Later today I'll blend them up with some garlic, herbs, sea salt, and olive oil.  It turns out a little like pesto, but more like roasted tomato "schmear."  It is the perfect thing to use for tomato flavor without all the liquid, like on pita pizzas.  You can't can it, but it seems to do just fine in the freezer.