Fall in Ellicott City

We are really enjoying the cool weather that came in over the weekend.  Henry is getting used to having the windows open and being able to hear forest noises but barking dogs still worry him.  Ellicott City is looking and smelling good - I think this is jasmine? The hillsides around the courthouse are covered with it.  Henry likes to walk around the courthouse because sometimes the security officers come out to pet him and he's a big favorite with the county police.

The Patapsco River just past the railroad bridge. The mallards have started to return and there is usually a winter flock of 20-25 ducks.

On Sunday we took Henry out to see the garden and meet the goats and chickens.  He was somewhat interested, wagged his tail, but didn't bark or growl.

Henry and Dylan after the x-rays

Henry also likes to help me with arts and crafts.  He's really good at holding things down.