Fall Garden

It was a cloudy 54 degrees on when Monday I harvested some sad looking green beans, enough Oak Leaf and Romaine lettuce for salads, two grocery sacks of kale, one sack of chard, some nice Cubanelle peppers, a radish, green onions, cilantro, sage, and basil. The raddichio is looking beautiful and the peas are blooming.  I've still got a few tomatoes on the vine that might ripen if I'm lucky.  Time to bring out the gardening sweater and trade my brimmed hat for a knit one.

These days my plot is looking more like a hobo encampment than a garden.  As more people clear their plots for the winter or fence off the remaining crops the rabbits are getting more aggressive.  It is like a rabbit arms race.  The outer fence does't keep them out and there aren't any predators inside. We need to hire a pack of Jack Russell terriers. 

I needed to blow off some steam so I spent an hour or so picking green nasties off my broccoli and brussels sprouts.  I could dust them with something but I don't want to buy stuff or risk hurting good bugs or maybe I just like the killing. At least I feed my victims to the bluebirds and sparrows. Below: not sure if this guy was laying eggs or trying to eliminate the competition, but they all met a horrible end together. 

Today I helped dig up the sweet potatoes from the food bank plot.  Unfortunately most had been devoured by voles but we managed to find a few whole potatoes to donate.  Apparently voles do not like potato skins, thus pointing out how many sweet potatoes we lost.  Afterwards a fellow gardener offered me some of his zinnias and I added my cosmos, lavender, and salvia to make two nice little bouquets for the apartment.  They really brighten things up and smell good too. Luckily Henry declared them a "non-food boring" item. I worry about how I'll occupy myself when there is no more gardening to be done for the winter.