Fall Color

The sugar maples are not the only ones providing the fall color here in Cambridge. The rudbeckia "Cherry Brandy" (above) is an annual here but has weathered the first few frosts. I got the seedling at a swap but will definitely be growing some next year. The deep red flowers are eye-catching and the plant stayed nice even through our late summer "heat".

I love the way many sedum get a rosy glow in the fall as well. Sedum seems to be tough enough for the doggie "splash zone" and give me a convenient place to collect all the rocks from the rest of garden. (below) Iceplant, hens & chicks, rocks, and mixed sedum at the front edge of my flower garden.

Silene ("Druett's Variegated") provides contrast to the pink of sedum "Coral Reef". I bought "Coral Reef" late in the fall of 2014 was pretty sure it had not survived the winter. I even marked it DEAD in my notebook, but midsummer I found a few tiny sprouts and they seem to be happy enough in the rocky paths.

Most of my sedum don't have fancy cultivar names and are great for sharing at swaps. Some spread faster than others but they are easy to pull up if they get out of bounds. You can cut a piece off, stick the cut end in the soil, and a month or two later there will be usually be new growth. I keep a little area behind the spruce bush as a nursery for rooting and growing new plants.

These little geraniums have a nice wine-colored tinge and the liatris foliage looks great in front of the globe spruce. Both were grown from seeds I collected in the neighborhood. The liatris bloomed nicely in this year but I haven't seen blooms on the geranium yet. Maybe I will move it next year.