Evening at Belmont Victory Gardens

I co-hosted the first "Plot Talk" yesterday evening at the Belmont Food Collaborative plot. We demonstrated how to collect and prepare soil samples and discussed common issues in community garden soil. Attendance was light, but this was our first effort and we could have advertised better. It was still a lovely evening to chat with other gardeners and wander the plots.

My fava beans are almost ready to blossom. They don't seem to be as attractive to the baby rabbits that have munched down all my lettuce seedlings and much of my peas. The peas at the Belmont Food Collaborative plot look better and a volunteer made these adorable pyramid trellises.

Did you know Rhubarb blooms?

Even with the delays in getting our water system turned on, many of our gardeners have a lot growing in the plots already. I love seeing all the different styles.