End of Summer Summary

This seems to happen every year, I blog pretty steadily through the spring until August, and then I spend the rest of the summer picking my fruits and vegetables, eating them, and watching the hummingbirds on my porch. This year was a great year for hummingbirds, so I got even less accomplished than usual, but I doubt anyone gets to the end of life and thinks "I wish I had spent less time watching the hummingbirds".

So here's a quick summary of the highlights:

I went all out with the porch this year - lots of hanging baskets, 3 hummingbird feeders, a little fountain, crazy string lights, and the succulent collection came outside for the summer.

Monarch butterflies visited the milkweed in the front garden and made tiny babies. (I never found a chrysalis, but hope the caterpillar made it to the next phase)

I got my first really successful carrot harvest - danvers "half long", and the new "Joan J" thornless raspberries I planted in the spring gave me fruit.

I ate so many tomato-basil-mozzarella sandwiches. (on the porch of course)

Dylan and I foraged some elderberries and I made syrup. It is very nice with seltzer and matches my dahlias.

I've been testing out Instagram for sharing quick pictures, mostly flowers (and looking at other people's dogs, crafts, and gardens). If interested, you can also follow me there.