Emergency Gardening

After last night's big thunderstorm Dylan and I stopped by the garden to survey the damage. I almost cried.

Our original plan for the morning was to drive out to a farm and buy some straw for mulching but instead we turned around and went to Home Despot to buy more stakes. Luckily the stems were not broken.  It seemed like ages toiling in the heat but in about 1.5  hours we had the tomatoes up, re-staked, and had spread a layer of compost on the exposed roots. In a day or two I'll go out and trim off some of the damaged branches.

Afterwards we headed home to recover, only to find that our power was out.  After some cold, dark showers we drove in to Baltimore to hang out in the basement bar/rec room at Dylan's office (where they still have power). On the way we passed preparations for the 4rth of July Parade in Catonsville. People started putting out chairs on the parade route almost two weeks ago and it is getting pretty full.

It is also no longer enough to simply reserve your spot with a chair and yellow crime scene tape, a mannequin of some kind is recommended.