Elbow Update

I saw the orthopedist yesterday and he had good news.  My fracture is really just a small crack in the bone and the pain is from the extra swelling/pressure in the joint. He said the best thing for proper healing was to get moving and the only way to make things worse was to fall on it again. He also gave me some more pain meds. I was able to practice for half an hour (the bassoon playing elbow angle is the same as my most comfortable position) so I won't have to cancel my gig in two weeks.  Right arm mobility is improving, last night I couldn't feed myself an eggroll, this morning I scratched my own nose! A dog walker is coming for the rest of the week to take Henry out in the afternoons, friends are watering my garden plot, and my parents are coming in a week and a half to clean my house (just kidding, they planned the visit long before the elbow happened). Everyone has been so supportive and I really appreciate your concern. I'm going to be just fine.

Since I'm not out digging up the gardening or sewing buttons on my new shirts, I'm going to catch up on posting some blog pictures.

Henry knows he isn't allowed on the people sofa, but he claimed the love-seat in trade. Now we just call it "The Throne".  He is a very lucky dog.

yeah, I take a lot of dog pictures.  He's just so pretty. Below is a mystery plant I found in the neighborhood - could you email me if you know what it is? Idle hands want to know.

My first Iceland Poppy bloom, though I bought this plant at the hardware store.  My from-seed poppies are still very small.  Below is one of the greatest bits of yard art I've ever seen. I found it in Cambridge, of course. I would really love one for my yard or even to attach to my baseboard inside so I could look at it in winter.