Dog Days of Summer

I've been dying to use that blog title!  Henry has been keeping us busy.  We 're signed up for a beginning dog training class on Thursday evenings, starting next week. Henry has admitted that he already knows sit and lay down, but he gets distracted pretty easily is not particularly food motivated.  Henry was a big hit at the Vet yesterday and he's in good health except for mild ear infections.  We are keeping an eye on him because he's slow on the stairs but our vet thinks he probably just needs to build some muscles in the back end.  

He's very well behaved, but he's still a dog.  When I came home from the garden I found him lounging.

I'm glad he wasn't nervous or being destructive but we're try to keep him off the couches so there's room for us. I asked him nicely and he got down and hasn't tried to get  back up.  We may need to make a habit of putting a thick blanket on the sofa when we go out.

The garden is surviving the heat and my dog-induced neglect.  I've given up squishing the bean beetles and the voles are a brazen menace, but I'm still getting satisfying harvests. 

Green Beans, 3 Black from Tula tomatoes that were too heavy for the stem, 3 Anaheim Chiles and 1 Padron Chile. We ate half of that giant Pink Honey tomato last night with basil and balsamic vinegar.  It was tasty, very dense with few seeds, and sweet rather than acidic. The other tomatoes are ripening well too.