Late Spring Blooms

The creeping phlox and bearded irises have finished and are replaced by dianthus, Siberian irises, roses, and salvia. And the peony bloom above isn't mine but I covet it. I have a small peony but it resents that I keep accidentally digging it up in the fall.

I really should get out there and sweep along the edge of my beds, but I'd rather be deadheading or even weeding. There's a lot of pink this time of year - I blame the dianthus. They are just so nice and mounded with neat silvery green foliage.

Dianthus can be divided, producing a clone of the parent plant, or can be allowed to cross pollinate and self-sow. I let a few seed heads dry on the plant and shake them into the soil every fall. I enjoy the surprises and it gives me more plants to share.

The Siberian iris only bloom briefly but the foliage stays nice. I think I will divide these clumps soon and put them in some of my "holes" that need some height.

The climbing rose is also in bloom. I found a bit of sprouting rose root when I was first digging up the garden beds four springs ago. My upstairs neighbors say there used to be a huge climbing rose in that spot that died when the porch was redone. This could be it, or the rose it was grafted onto. I planted chamomile under it last year and will probably have volunteer chamomile forever now.