December Treats

I was at Formaggio Kitchen early last Friday picking up the first installment of our "cheese and charcuterie" share --an anniversary present to ourselves-- and the irish soda bread was just coming out of the oven.  It was so good, even Dylan liked it.  Luckily they only make it on Fridays.  The cheese share is from New England makers and the charcuterie is made at Formaggio using local meat. It is a fun way to try some things we wouldn't usually think to order and a decadent treat for the winter. 

The cheese isn't much to look at since it is all wrapped up in paper, but I was so excited to see something come in a little weck jar!  We froze the canadian bacon for Christmas morning and ate the pate on crackers with cheese. We browned the boudin blanc and ate it with toast, broccoli, and an Alsatian white wine a friend recommended. Tonight we'll have the duck mousse on black bread with roasted brussels sprouts and a blue cheese for dessert!  So fancy, but really still a good bargain compared to going out to eat. This weekend I'm looking forward to making the less gourmet but equally delicious, leftover turkey enchilada casserole.

Cold weather means more time for knitting.  I've finished two comfy wool sweaters for myself, fingerless mitts, and am working on an army of little scrappy hats for gifts.  I also need to find a good under $10 "Yankee swap" gift for the knit-at-the-pub-club Christmas party. 

Above: Wearing my knits! Henry likes to "share" the park bench with me.  

The vermicomposting is coming along.  We haven't had any more gnat problems since I started freezing the scraps first.  The worms have slowed down eating since the temps in the porch room dropped.  I may need to move them to the basement.  There are some rejected items (corn husks) I should remove and it is probably time for some more shredded paper. Still, I definitely see some nice dirt being made in there and the worms are alive.