Date Night

Dylan's office has a beer-league kickball team that plays on Thursday evenings in Patterson Park.  When schedules work out I like to go cheer them on and enjoy a beverage - which I find infinitely more enjoyable than actually playing. I always choose inappropriate footwear incase they happen to ask me to join in. Yesterday the game didn't start until 8:45 so Dylan and I started the weekend early with dinner at Jack's Bistro, tucked in a row house a few blocks south of the park in Canton.  The food was fantastic and the weather was good for a walk. In the back of the picture you just barely can see the neon logo of the hometown brewery, "Natty Boh," which I think stands for National Bohemian and reminds me of Pabst or Rolling Rock.  

The Fastspot team is called the "Uniballers," a name chosen to sound menacing and sport related - (unibomber + sport item = uniballer).  For months I thought the name referred to a brand of ballpoint pen.  Below: Dylan is ready to kick something.

Most of Baltimore probably got over the irony  of this slogan years before The Wire came out, but as a new resident I see these benches and wonder.  Were things different when that bench was installed or was it blind optimism?