Dahlias of 2016

Dahlia season was much too short for me this year. I planted mine at the community garden plot where they were tasty treats for the vole and rabbit population. By the time the vermin moved on to other food sources, the dahlias were pretty far behind. I was just starting to enjoy the blooms when we got a freak mid-September frost that burned any tender plants in the lower-lying plots. This is my excuse for not having them labelled as I prepare them for storage once again.

I know that most of the tubers from my plot are either red & yellow, or pink with yellow centers (My friend Catherine calls them "Kalinka") There were also a few tubers that remain a mystery because I never got to see them bloom before the frost.

There were some nice varieties in the other tubers I stored for friends, they'll be coming back to the basement this winter too.

Last fall I documented my efforts to wash, split, and label my tubers. That method works well for a lot of people, but I found that in my particular basement climate, the well dried, intact clumps fared better. I will remove any rotten tubers before storage and do the splitting in the spring.

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I used bouquets of dahlias and other flowers from the garden to brighten up our shady back porch and even Henry enjoys them.