Home for Wayward Dahlias

I've spent most of my morning trying to get the updated Android version of Skippy's Vegetable Planting Calendar App formatted and submitted to the GooglePlay store. You could cut the frustration in here with a knife. I love building these apps, but all the hoop jumping to get them submitted and approved for Apple or Android is my least favorite part. So I took a little break to water the herbs and check on the Dahlias.

Over the weekend a friend brought over even more tubers. I get to keep some and am storing the rest for garden friends. We'll probably have some extra to share with the community gardeners in the spring too.

I looked through the new bags of tubers checking for mold or rotten bits. Some still seemed a bit damp so I left those bags mostly open. These clumps were not washed and divided, so we can compare results with my divided tubers in the spring.

Above you can see an oozing rotted tuber on an otherwise nice clump. I cut it off and threw it away so it wouldn't affect the others. I cut off the moldy one below as well.

The tubers above were accidentally cut with the shovel when they were being dug up. I decided not to cut them off today and instead to leave the bag open and see if the mold goes away when the tuber dries and heals up. I'll check back in about a week.

The sack of tubers below were ones that I had lovingly washed, divided and labeled. Looks like I screwed up and didn't let them dry out enough before folding over the top of their bag. Not going to try to salvage them. Gross! Looks like dead baby mice or something.

I'm also hosting some dahlia tubers stored in peat moss, given to my friend by her mail carrier. I am interested to see how this method works. So far they are not moldy at least. Below is another kind of tuber, a Canna lily. (you can't leave them outside in the winter here)

Ok. Back to work. FYI, Kathy and I are working on a Flowers & Herbs App to be released sometime in January!