Concord Grapes & Butterflies

I wasn't planning any canning for this weekend but on the way to the garden on Friday I passed a house selling Concord grapes.  Of course I stopped and bought some. The grape vines were out back along with a few donkeys and miniature horses.  We ate a few and made a small batch of jam with the rest.  It was kind of labor intensive - first peeling, then blending the peels and adding them back in, and running the whole mess through a strainer to get the seeds. The jam is runny, probably should have added some pectin, but it is delicious and beautiful.   

On Saturday I bought fall seedlings at the community garden plant sale.  I wanted to start a lot of these from seed myself but all my energy went to weeding. I planted red leaf lettuces, kale, chard, raddichio, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and some fennel.  My pea sprouts are coming along well under the netting and some of the spinach has grown the second set of leaves. The butterflies and other pollinators are still very busy in the garden.