Community Garden Plot

I just heard back from the person who was interested in co-gardening her plot with me.  She's got a perennial bed started with bulbs, onions, and herbs but isn't sure what to do with the rest.  This morning Dylan and I went over to check it out. I've got all sorts of ideas and hope things work out.

This community garden is very different from the conservancy garden in Maryland.  Gardeners put up their own fences and many of these plots have been tended by the same families since they were established as victory garden plots during World War 2.  The soil seems much lighter, dare I say "loam"?  The effect of all the crazy fencing and decor is a little "hillbilly sheik meets Blair Witch Project" but I'm glad to see people aren't too uptight. Below: Most fences and gates are made of found or recycled items.

Before learning about the community garden plot I transplanted my kale, broccoli, and brussels sprouts to spots in the backyard. I worked a bunch of leaves into the soil and transplanted some herbs as well. I may need to put up a dog barrier. Do you see that giant paw print?  Looks like the kale will recover.

We all enjoyed the sun on Saturday.  Henry is learning how much fun tennis balls can be and he buried buried a rawhide chip in the backyard. We are proud of Henry for picking up real dog hobbies, though he spent so much time lounging in the dirt that today we bathed him in the driveway.