Chive & Egg Taco

Here’s one of my favorite ways to use chives - in a breakfast taco. If you have a little feta or bacon to crumble in there, go for it, but the basic version is delicious.

Cut some chives. Think of it like cutting a lock of hair - comb out the chive “leaves” and keep it held together neatly in your hand. Cut about two inches above the base of the plant. Pull out any brown dried-up chives or weeds and maybe rinse with some water if you are feeling fastidious.

If you cut chives but want to use them later, put a rubber band on one end of the bunch to keep them neat. I keep them in the fridge in a loose plastic bag.

Cast iron pans are the way to go. I use a griddle/comal to toast tortillas and a little pan for the eggs. My griddle is seasoned enough to toast the tortilla without extra oil but I use a little butter or olive oil on the egg pan. Start the eggs frying while toasting the tortilla on both sides. Good flour tortillas can be hard to find outside of Texas, but look for ones that stay a little chewy even after toasting.

Using scissors to cut chives means you don’t have to wash a cutting board. I usually flip my eggs at the last minute (technically “over easy”) to crisp up the chives and thicken the yolk a little. You could just scramble your eggs but you would miss out on the texture and fried chive flavor.

Fold the eggs into the toasted tortilla and enjoy. Remember to tuck up the bottom end so all your yolk doesn’t run out on your hand.