Cherry Season

The sour cherry tree on the median in front of the house didn't set quite as many fruit this year but I still made a big batch of cherry jam, some cherry balsamic jam, cherries in whiskey, fresh cherries on ice cream, and a sunken cherry cake with almonds on top.  

This morning I headed out to the garden early - we have limited water pressure at the community garden so you have to beat the crowds if you want more than a trickle. I am in the process of putting down sheets of cardboard in the paths so that next week Dylan can lay woodchips.  The plot is looking neater already. 

Above: a row of green beans coming up along side the Santa Maria and Opalka tomatoes

Below: the dwarf purple favas are almost ready to harvest

The first tiny tomatoes are appearing. This one is Opalka, a canning tomato with a long pointy shape.  We've started snacking on the english peas, but I expect the bulk of the harvest  in 2-3 days.