Cherry Picking

Torrential rain Friday afternoon and evening had the whole DC-Baltimore area in a frenzy over reported funnel clouds and flash flooding.  Our evening was pretty uneventful but we definitely weren't going out. That is rain, not fog, outside our window.

We awoke on Saturday to glorious cool temperatures and sunny skies. Dylan and I headed out early for pick-your-own tart cherries. Dylan is really great at pick-your-own because he can reach all the fruit other people have to pass up and he blends in well with trees. We picked a little over a pound.  I ate a few and may try cooking some in a dessert because they are really tasty but super tart!

After all that hard work we had to stop at one of our favorite "diner in a gas station" places for a little breakfast.  Note the smokers out front. As usual it was full of a mix of horse people, farmers, road crew guys, and the occasional suburban escapees (us).  They do a good job on smoked meats and I have also had a respectable chicken fried steak with gravy there, though it was not bigger than the plate, which is a requirement for such things in TX.