You can still see the ice crystals from last night's frost.  It was barely 40 degrees out there at 9:30 am today, but the greens seem to be handling the temperatures well.  We're still eating well from the garden though it looks like my brussels sprouts will not be ready for Thanksgiving. I snagged some big bags of leaves from a neighbor's curb to work into the soil and soon I'll be ready to plant my cover crops of crimson clover and winter pea.

We've started sampling the preserves: pepper jelly (delicious!), hot red salsa (super spicy), raspberry jam (I am guilty of eating this by the spoonful), radish & carrot pickles. The pumpkin cake below has a jar of my chunky spiced apples in it as a substitute for some of the oil - I believe this makes it healthy enough to eat for breakfast as well.  

The past week or so has been hectic, mostly because Henry has an upset stomach.  I switched him to a homemade bland diet, but I started mixing in the dog food too early and the big "D" returned.  Now I'm back to making unholy disgusting dog meals of gummy rice, boiled ground turkey, scrambled egg, and pumpkin puree. Henry thinks it is awesome.