Catching Up

I had a great time visiting the Louviers in Ft Wayne, Indiana. The highlight was the fair and parade in Graebel. I got to take a buggy ride with Emma and Mary and maybe next year we can go see the winner of the "largest cabbage" award. 

The cool growing season has been tough on most of my vegetables, but the cucumbers, limas, marigolds, and nasturtiums love it. The melons didn't make it and soon I will need to tackle the unpleasant task of ripping out diseased tomato plants.  There has been an annoying variety of mushrooms and fungus, including the aptly named "Dog Vomit" fungus.  Though our average frost date is October 10, some of the gardeners are predicting an early frost in the plots over the next few nights and I harvested everything I could today.

I didn't have time to make true pesto, but I blended up the last of the basil with olive oil and I think it will keep in the freezer pretty nicely. We were surprised at how tasty the lima beans were in succotash, with a little ham of course. Still, the lima bean plants are unwieldy and the pods were a real pain to shuck.  I probably won't grow them again next year but I might buy fresh ones at a farmers market.

A resident of our front garden.