Canning Tomatoes

We canned our first batch of chopped tomatoes. Next time we'll prep double the amount to make 6 pints instead of just 3 and maybe I'll try to take out a few of the seeds. I hope to use our tomatoes for sauces and soups instead of buying cans of tomatoes all winter.  Also pictured are the first of my Giant Yellow Oxheart tomatoes. I worried that I had given that plant away but just it turns out that my labels were all mixed up.

The two "Mom's Mystery" tomato plants are producing smooth black fruit with lime shoulders.

In comparison, the "Black from Tula" have darker green shoulders and more cracking or "cat facing."  These big ones are the result of fused blossoms, kind of like conjoined quintuplet tomatoes.

Each of these Pink Honey tomatoes weighs over 1.5 lb and I'm still waiting for the Brandywines to ripen.

Tonight we took Henry to his first session of doggie school.  He was pretty nervous but when he managed to focus there was some impressive sitting and laying down.