Calendula - Seed Saving

This spring I grew Calendula for the first time with big plans to create all sorts of lovely healing salves, tinctures, and colorful salads. None of that actually happened but I did enjoy the low-maintenance orange and yellow flowers among my vegetables. I grew a mix called 'pacific beauty' and am only collecting seeds from the plants that survived a tough summer - natural selection at work.

Seed saving is also much easier if you've been too busy to deadhead regularly. Just look for the brown dried flower stalks.

I save seeds so I can start them early indoors but often calendula self-sows, so you could also just crumble the seed heads directly into the the soil for next year.

Those bumpy, curled things really are the seeds and they come in all different sizes.

Keep your seeds dry and in a dark place until you are ready to plant next year. Share some with friends!